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Article 30 compliance solved in just one click

The latest release of trust-hub’s Privacy Lens personal data governance application puts at your fingertips the information you’ll need if a data regulator ever appears at your door.

Thanks to the built-in Records of Processing Activity report, information required under Article 30 of the GDPR is available with just a single mouse click. This covers everything from what items of personal data are being used, what they are used for and how long they need to be retained. The report even provides specific summary views for where the organisation is acting as data controller and where it is acting as data processor.

As trust-hub Chief Technical Architect, Will Parton, notes, “This report contains an overview summary of the uses of personal data within an organisation. Essentially everything a GDPR or other data governance regulator would ask to see upfront in the event of an audit.”

And with Privacy Lens’ new Quick View Visualisation Buttons, users can now rapidly select, switch between and customise different visualisations, including an ‘org chart’ view of the organisation and a geographic representation of its key data assets and their physical location.

It also features enhanced Privacy Risk Scores for external organisations, basing its scoring around the model constructed for them within the tool.

For further information on Privacy Lens or to discuss how trust-hub might be able to support your privacy program, go to www.trust-hub.com or e-mail the trust-hub team at info@trust-hub.com.

Privacy Lens