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Data Privacy Platform trust-hub “one to watch” in 2017 says Cyber Security Awards

Data privacy, compliance in the new era of GDPR, and the Data Privacy Lifecycle Management processes that companies must adopt as tough new regulations come into force: These are just some of the headline issues highlighted by the judges recognising data privacy platform trust-hub at this year’s Cyber Security Awards.

“As a Privacy company first and foremost, winning this recognition from the Cyber Security Awards judging panel is very special ”, says trust-hub CEO Simon Loopuit. “Data privacy is about to go through the biggest shake up business has seen in 30 years. Over the past 12 months, privacy experts in the UK (and across Europe) have recognized the scale of the change that the next era of data compliance will bring and companies now need to get ready”

The trust-hub data privacy platform has been built to help businesses adapt to the new culture of data privacy lifecycle management. From next year, new rules and regulations mean businesses will have to rethink the way they use and collect data across their business and supply chain.

“Many businesses preparing for the new data privacy environment are being motivated by fear. Company CEOs have become painfully aware of the threat of punitive fines in excess of £20 million for non-compliance”, explains Loopuit. “But really it’s more about leveraging the new data privacy eco-system to deliver new opportunities and competitive advantage”

“As data specialists come to see the opportunities rather than just the risks, platforms like trust-hub are gaining recognition”


The trust-hub innovative platform enables you to understand your whole personal data eco-system and supports your journey to personal data governance. It’s more than just compliance, it’s about structural change and competitive advantage.


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