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Delegation of data modelling and maintenance comes to Privacy Lens

The latest release of trust-hub’s Privacy Lens brings overworked Data Privacy professionals significant workflow benefits so they can concentrate on what they do best - co-ordinating data gathering and setting the strategy for the overall data model.

The new Privacy Management Assistant (PMA) allows DPOs to safely delegate the creation of their Privacy Data model to their subject matter experts, both within their own organisation and their supply chain.

Using a simple, forms-based approach, the PMA democratises the task of gathering privacy data which results in both the simplification of the model building process and ensures both its accuracy and its timeliness.

Data Privacy professionals can rest assured that the PMA provides a full audit of the data trail and allows them to review the supplied information and if, and only if, they are happy with the submitted data, approve it and submit it to the overall model.
In addition, the DPO can define a schedule for update requests to prompt the relevant maintainer to review and update the relevant part of the model when required. So not only is the task of the DPO now a lot simpler, it can be completed by subject matter experts and then kept up-to-date on a regular basis.

For further information on Privacy Lens or to discuss how trust-hub might be able to support your privacy initiative, please take a look at www.trust-hub.com or e-mail the trust-hub team at info@trust-hub.com.

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