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Enhancements to completeness reports in Privacy Lens

Privacy Lens now offers enhanced completeness exception reporting – further improving one of our customers’ favourite features.

Completeness is a key metric for project coordinators as it helps them understand how comprehensive the information is that is being loaded into the model. The gaps that they identify enable them to  determine the follow-up questions that they need to ask the business.

We have now introduced exception templates that allow users to control which attributes of an entity matter and which do not. If a particular metric does not apply (for example, tracking the person-days effort attribute is irrelevant for a business that is entirely automated), it can be excluded from the final report.

This ensures that co-ordinating users measure only what model information really matters to the organisation. It helps them prioritise next steps and more accurately communicate their progress to senior management and other key stakeholders.

For further information on Privacy Lens or to discuss how trust-hub might be able to support your privacy initiative, please take a look at www.trust-hub.com or e-mail the trust-hub team at info@trust-hub.com.

Privacy Lens