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Privacy Lens 2-28


This version includes a wide range of new and enhanced functionality – there are two stand-out features:

1) a geographic map view

2) privacy risk scores

They are explained in the following sections.

If you require further information about any of the features of Privacy Lens then please contact us for a demonstration.

Geographic Map View

The map view graphically shows where model entities such as resources, personal data, teams and external organisations are physically located.



This functionality is intended for use by a very wide range of customers – anyone with multiple locations of work, or geographically distributed supplier/partner organisations.

The key aspects of the map view are as follows:

  • Understand the geographic locations from which an organisation operates
  • See the associations between related entities that are located in separate locations
  • Provides a visual indication as to all the countries that are in scope for an organisation
  • See all the countries/locations from which supplier/partner organisations operate
  • Shows the model entities that do not yet have a location associated with them (these are placed in the top left of the map)


Privacy Risk Scores

Privacy Lens now calculates privacy risks, assessed using a wide variety of factors. The higher the score, the greater the risk. These risk scores are displayed visually.



Privacy Risk Scores are calculated across ten dimensions of privacy and then displayed in a “radar plot” style chart. A single, rolled-up summary score is also generated (will be a value somewhere in the range of zero to a thousand).



Privacy Risk Scores are generated for the stores of personal data, business processes and external organisations.

This functionality is targeted towards Data Protection Officers and others who are charged with the safeguarding of personal data. Using the functionality, the DPO can see what data is most at risk, thus allowing them to plan mitigating actions to reduce the overall exposure.

The key aspects of the functionality are as follows:

  • See colour-coded visual indications of the level of risk (green, orange and red)
  • See at a glance what information is missing from the organisational model (aspects for which there is no information will be shown in blue, as is the case for Regulation in the preceding screenshot)
  • Instant click-through from the risk score to the relevant entities in the model
  • Plan mitigating actions according to highest privacy risks

For a walk-through of all the features of Privacy Lens contact us for a demo.

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