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Using Privacy Lens to model jurisdictional scope at a US state level

The latest version of Privacy Lens is even more valuable to organisations with operations, suppliers or customers in the United States. It improves the platform by allowing organisations to model jurisdictional scope at a US state level, rather than at just the federal level.

With the ever-increasing understanding of the importance of data privacy, many US states are drafting their own legislation. California is leading the way with the California Consumer Privacy Act, which covers the tech giants of Silicon Valley and comes into force on January 1st 2020, but it is far from the only one. Vermont, Louisiana and the city of Chicago have also introduced their own data privacy laws in recent months. All fifty states have now enacted legislation covering data security breaches.

We have added all fifty states to Privacy Lens’ jurisdictional model, allowing organisations to model which legislation applies or does not apply at a more granular level. It also helps them to build a more accurate model of where data subjects are located and track the rapidly-developing privacy trends in US legislation.

For further information on Privacy Lens or to discuss how trust-hub might be able to support your privacy initiative, please take a look at www.trust-hub.com or e-mail the trust-hub team at info@trust-hub.com.

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